Awarded to No. 8810V Temporary Captain Wiles J.W.


During the Brigade advance along the line of mountains North of Grizzana a stage had been reached when strong positions had been won but little was known of the enemy strength or dispositions in the mountains ahead. This information had to be obtained before the next attack could be planned.

Six of the battalion Scouts, commanded by Captain Wiles, were sent on this task on the morning of 18th October 1944. He worked his way through the most difficult terrain of scree slopes and mountain and finally reached his objective, a long ridge running east and west which dominated the route over which the Brigade advance would have to go. Enemy was observed moving up into new positions on the reverse slopes. By means of a pack set wireless Captain Wiles’ patrol passed back the most accurate reports enabling the guns and 4.2 mortars to engage with killing effect.

With complete calm and precision he continued to report and direct the fire, literally from the middle of the enemy’s own position. The final act of cool courage being to bring down a concentration of 4.2 mortar bombs on himself as the enemy had cut him off and encircled his scouts. He then drew back under cover of the smoke and confusion of the barrage, and, returning to his Headquarters, without losing one of his men, gave a detailed and most accurate account of all that he had observed.




Military Cross


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